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Small Gestures = BIG IMPACT on Customer Satisfaction

By Luis Deville

Customer satisfaction has traditionally been a high priority for dealers. With the impact of customer surveys and social media ratings on meeting performance objectives, it is no surprise this topic is in the forefront of operational discussions, training, and even employee pay plans.

Dealers typically try to deliver the best possible customer service to their clients. Providing a great buying experience increases the chances of customers becoming loyal to your dealership and returning to make future purchases. However, there can be challenges in achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, especially with so many dealership touch points throughout the buying cycle from the initial purchase to maintenance, to hopefully a future trade-in of that same vehicle.

The good news is great customer service can be accomplished not only by traditional means, but also through small gestures. Small gestures can satisfy customers at a relatively low cost per customer. Below are a few small gestures dealers can make today to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Seek a common thread of interest, listen, and genuinely care about what is important to them.

  • Provide an exceptionally clean, welcoming, and comfortable environment to do business in.

  • Escort customers like VIPs throughout your store instead of pointing them in the direction to go. Introduce your customers to others by name and make their simple presence in your store appreciated.

  • Place protective coverings on surfaces such as steering wheels and floor mats and offer a courtesy car wash.

  • Say thank you with a personalized handwritten note, a small gift or accessory.

  • Follow up with a call within 24 hours of visiting the dealership, even if no purchase has been made, and make sure the experience was positive and offer to answer any questions.

Do not look at these suggestions as additional costs, instead look at these items as small investments that will provide great returns in the future.

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