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New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Dealership

By Phil Villegas

We are all seemingly looking to get 2020 behind us as the prospects of a more normal 2021 start to appear to be a reality. Given all the challenges of this past year, as we approach this New Year we should take the opportunity to reset our mindset and certain aspects of our lives and make a concerted attempt to do better in the year to come. Whether it’s a commitment to losing weight, quitting smoking, volunteering time, pursue another degree or simply to take that dream vacation that now might become a reality, New Year’s resolutions give us a clear starting point from which to embark on enriching our lives.

This should be no different for your dealership and there’s no better time like the New Year to implement or roll out efforts to improve your store. Just like in our individual lives, the prospect and possibilities of the New Year are endless, and this is no different for a dealership. Just like there is not a perfect person, there is not a perfect dealership, there is always room for improvement. Some New Year’s resolutions for your store might be:

  • Adopting a paperless environment

  • Daily bank and factory reconciliations

  • Formalized employee evaluations

  • Leadership training for management

  • Dealership personnel community involvement

  • An employee weight loss / stop smoking departmental challenge

  • An improved and personalized customer service initiative

The possibilities are endless. No matter how small the initiative, don’t waste an opportunity for improvement, particularly at a time when the entire dealership would be most receptive to it. Happy New Year!

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