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Phil Villegas has been acknowledged on his Megadealers on the Move prediction by Steve Finlay WardsAuto article – One Megadealer Buys Another

“In a WardsAuto analysis last month, Phil Villegas, a principal at Axiom Advisors, a dealership consulting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, predicted a top-tier megadealer would consolidate with another top-tier counterpart this year.

By Phil Villegas

Source URL: http://wardsauto.com/industry-voices/acura-has-future-niche-brand

A client and I recently debated the pros and cons of building a new, exclusive Acura dealership.

While this multi-brand client has enjoyed success selling Acuras, I nevertheless advised him to consider either retro-fitting an existing facility or selling off the franchise.

By Phil Villegas

If you’re like me, you use the WardsAuto Megadealer 100 to gauge which dealer groups are in a growth mode and which aren’t.

In facilitating the buying and selling of dealerships, my firm, Axiom Advisors, takes a due-diligence approach that it’s not always what you see on the books that will get you, it’s what you don’t see that can ultimately sneak up on you.

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Phil Villegas recently spoke at the National Alliance of Auto Dealer Advisors regarding the “Behavioral Patterns of Automotive Transactions”. If your group or association would like to hear Phil speak regarding some Innovative, Automotive, Insight in addressing key blind spots in their operations, please contact us.

By Phil Villegas

This is an attractive time to be a car dealer. Dealership profitability is up across the board, automaker are producing great vehicles and the upswing looks like it will last for the next few years.

Accordingly, we’re once again seeing activity brewing from outside speculators looking to enter and redefine the dealership arena. It’s similar to 2004 through 2007 when individuals and entities new to the industry vied to buy dealerships.

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By Phil Villegas

This is a very attractive time to be a car dealer. Regardless of the franchise or region, sales and dealership profitability are up across the board, manufacturers are producing great and attractive vehicles, and by all indications, this solid trend is certain to last throughout the next few years.

By Phil Villegas


In 1895, attorney George Selden received a U.S. patent on a horseless carriage powered by a gasoline engine. The patent was written so broadly, anyone building anything that looked like a car with an internal-combustion engine would have to pay him royalties.

By Phil Villegas


While Suzuki exiting the U.S. market does not shock me, what does surprise me is the value of the dealer network that Suzuki disregarded.

By Phil Villegas

Can you trust your controller not to steal from you? Can you trust that your controller will catch someone else if they’re stealing from you? If you answered yes to both questions, congratulations! You are in a very exclusive group of dealers, one that will likely become more elite in years to come.

By Phil Villegas


We don’t need to get too deep into statistics or demographics to know we will see some dramatic changes to the dealership body profile over the next five years.

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