Placement Services

Finding and hiring experienced individuals to fill key positions in a dealership can be a challenge for today’s dealers.   As a result, Axiom Advisors offers a very unique service and benefit to its dealers.  Every member of Axiom Advisors has worked in a dealership which enables our team to identify good talent and more importantly we’re capable of weeding out individuals not suitable to fulfill vacant positions.

Dealers have a busy daily schedule and the process of identifying and weeding through potential candidates to fill key management positions can be a daunting task.  Based on our experience and expertise within the retail automotive industry, Axiom Advisors offers “Talent Recruitment” and “Temporary Consulting” services that take the guesswork out of hiring and allows dealers to focus on more pressing issues.

Our talent recruitment program is a resource we offer for dealers with a dealer’s best interest in mind.  Upon assessing the current needs of a dealer, Axiom Advisors embraces the task of advertising, screening, and interviewing potential candidates to fill key dealership management positions such as General Manager, Controller, Fixed Operations Director, Service Manager, and Parts Manager.  Once a candidate is hired, Axiom Advisors assists with the transition process and continues to monitor and assess the newly hired individual to ensure a smooth transition.

From time to time dealers experience employee turnover due to unexpected circumstances which makes filling key positions an absolute necessity and in some cases a dire emergency.  Axiom Advisors offers temporary consulting services to fill in on an as needed basis.  With over 60 years of combined hands-on retail automotive industry experience, our professionals are well capable of assuming the duties of key management positions as needed to ease the pain caused by untimely voluntary or involuntary terminations.

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