Monthly Services

As a successful dealer, you are busy.  You may not have the time to evaluate the intricacies and reliability of your monthly financial statement while you are focused on generating revenues and increasing profitability.  You need the skills of a high powered CFO to oversee your operations, but your budget may not accommodate the high salary requirements and overhead. We can help.  Axiom Advisors offers clients a skilled team of professionals that can provide dealers with peace of mind knowing another set of eyes is watching over the financial health of their dealership.  The average CFO spends less than 5% of their time addressing core financial matters and the remaining time on managing personnel and workflow.  With Axiom Advisors by your side, you will have high powered expertise at your fingertips.  Our goal is not to replace your Controller, rather to add horsepower to your team.

We provide a thorough assessment of a dealership’s financial reporting, and evaluate the effectiveness of the accounting department, through a detailed examination of the balance sheet and income statement on a monthly, quarterly, or any custom interval as requested by the dealer.  We review the schedules supporting the balances represented on the financial statement to ensure the data is current and reconciled properly.  We conduct a detailed evaluation of key performance indicators to determine whether financial results are in accordance with industry guidelines and operating expectations. Based on our findings we make inquiries of department management to ensure that variances from expectation are explained and reasonable.

No time for a monthly financial review meeting?  Let us conduct the meeting for you.  Our team of experienced past Controllers and CFO’s can organize the meeting, make the necessary inquiries of management, provide the dealer with the most important and relevant information (straight and to the point) in a fraction of the time.

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