Management Psychometric Assessment

As an owner or operator, how do you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your prospective or current personnel? There are thousands of people out there in the market with plenty of experience and talent, yet you never know what motivates them…either for good or for bad.

Given our 60+ years of retail automotive operating experience and exposure to thousands of dealership management personnel at all levels, we have developed a system that assesses a dealer’s management. Our management psychometric assessment measures components as it relates to your specific dealership, such as operating ability, core skill competencies, position abilities, attitude, personality traits, and functional operating knowledge.

The end goal of our assessment is determine the strengths and weakness of current or potential management staff. Axiom’s management psychometric assessment has multiple applications, whether it be in hiring, promoting, mentoring or simply assisting key individuals in identifying performance road blocks in an effort to yield greater departmental results. One of the strengths in the assessment is to determine management’s blind-spots or weaknesses in order to develop an improvement plan to improve the abilities.

Our assessment is also a valued tool in our Axiom Analysis, where we use assessment data to help identify risk areas within a dealership and also personnel who may be willing to expose the dealership to unnecessary risks or losses.

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