Cognitive Situational Awareness Exceptions Testing

As business partners to our clients we understand that every dealership is unique.  We provide flexible options to meet the specific needs of our clients to provide the best value added return on investment.  In addition to our full service Axiom Analysis, we offer an economical and customizable approach to assessing dealership risks with our CSA Exceptions Testing service.  Our clients have the option to select any number and combination of departments for evaluation, quantity of exceptions desired, and how often exceptions will be provided.

Exception reporting can be performed on a weekly, monthly, or custom interval as requested by our client.  Significant savings are realized with client staff being responsible for investigating the nature and cause of the exceptions and providing their explanations to management.  The dealer may elect our optional review process where supporting evidence and management explanation provided by the client are corroborated and validated by Axiom Advisors to evaluate management’s responses and the inherent risk in transactions.

Not all dealerships are the same, and therefore, not all exception reports are the same.  Our client data is visually inspected and analyzed by professionals with a minimum of 15 years of automotive industry experience.  Our risk assessment process is custom tailored to the unique characteristics of each client’s dealership culture, market conditions, product mix, customers, vendors, and employees.  Our specialized experience, coupled with extensive training and certifications ensures that behavioral anomalies and exceptions are detected and evaluated at a depth beyond that of a simple formula or automated process.

Axiom Advisors exceptions testing provides clients insight into transaction activity within their dealership that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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