Business Plans

Creating a great business plan is like planning a vacation. When you plan a vacation, you always start with the destination and fill in the detail on how to reach that destination. Vacations are not planned by leaving your driveway and then wondering whether to turn left or right. Business plans should be no different, they need to have a concise purpose and destination in mind.

However, having a concise purpose and destination is not what makes a good business plan great. What makes a truly effective business plan is its ability to bridge the destination to your current location. It’s easy to say you’re going to Yellowstone National Park for a two week summer vacation, making it happen is a different matter; without a properly planned trip you can end up sleeping in the back of a sub-compact car in an area populated by wolves and grizzly bears.

What makes Axiom Advisors unique in creating highly effective business plans is our hands-on knowledge of dealership operations combined with our financial background. Having worked with some of the nation’s largest dealer groups and financial institutions, we know what investors want to hear, and we know what and how to say it.

Our advisors have spoken at national dealer events on how to create effective dealership business plans and have been acclaimed by one of the nation’s largest banks for creating the “best looking dealership business plan”.

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