Axiom 115-Point Inspection

A monthly review of the manufacturer financial statement is a good exercise and highly recommended, however it is in many ways like evaluating a person’s health by simply looking at that person’s photo from one month to the next.  The truth of the matter is a thorough health examination needs to include a variety of tests that evaluate person’s vital signs from the inside out.  Similarly, the monthly financial statement is simply a snapshot of the dealerships financial health and may not yield the whole truth about the operation.

Perhaps the service dealership is profitable, but how much more profit should it be making for the volume of sales and the number of service bays?  Maybe personnel expense has been consistent from month to month, but is that how much the department should be paying?  In order to gain a thorough understanding of your dealerships operating health you have to examine the operational activity well below the surface of a financial statement.

The Axiom 115-Point Inspection does exactly that.  Our inspection process takes an in depth look at the dealership’s vital signs by examining key performance indicators and interrelationships between financial and operating data at all departmental levels to provide the dealer greater insight to operational weaknesses that may be putting the operations health at risk.  Axiom Advisors’ experienced eyes will view your dealerships test results like your cardiologist reviewing your EKG.  We provide the assurance that operational anomalies, like an abnormal heartbeat, will be detected.

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